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About Car Diagnostic Tool

Car diagnostic tools are device that able to plug into the OBD connector to access OBD functions. These range from simple generic consumer level tools to highly sophisticated OEM dealership tools to vehicle telematic devices, including hand-held car scan tools, Mobile device-based tools and PC-based scan tools. Most of these car diagnostic tools are designed for one or more car makes while some for all cars.

Market-oriented professional car diagnostic tool

To meet the needs to the car diagnostic tool in our target markets, we supply a wide range of market-oriented auto diagnostic tools including: diagnostic scanner for for European cars, for Asian cars and for American cars, such as the best selling BMW scanner, Merceds BENZ MB STAR, VCM IDS, VAS 5054A, Lexia-3, Renault CAN Clip and more.

Diagnostic tool for all cars

SCANNEROBD also supply some universal car diagnostic tool, these automotive diagnostic tools is used to diagnose for most cars, and very suitable for workshop. Please check which one of the following scan tools is what you want.

7 Products
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